Free Stickers… 5 years later

When we first started Untitled Skateboards in 2004, you could sign up for free stickers and buttons on our website.

If you signed up, and you’re still wondering where your free stickers are… wonder no more! They were in my basement in a box of old drawings for Untitled.

The funny part is, my wife wrote a note in each of these saying we were sorry for being so late at that time (a few months late). We might need to write another note, and say we’re REALLY sorry for being 5 years late.

I’m going to finally mail these out this week. Brandon Wall, our friend that made Foolishness has some free stickers coming!

Red Hatchet’s Halloween Montage

Here is some footage from the Red Hatchet crew featuring two of Untitled’s riders, Jared Lee and Kerry Webb.

YouTube Preview Image

Tom Geilfuss in Foolishness

Brian Sumner came out with a new video recently called Foolishness and Tom Geilfuss has a lot of footage in it. Here are a couple clips in the video so check it out, and look into ordering a copy for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

Evan Kuzava – Focus Ad

Evan Kuzava Pole Jam Stalefish

Evan Kuzava had his first ad in the Nov/Dec issue of Focus Magazine