Welcome Shaun Hover

We are psyched to welcome Shaun Hover to the team. Be on the look out for some footy from Shaun in the next Untitled video. And make sure to check out his bio with more photos HERE

Front Blunt

Jud in the Focus Mag

Jud “Farmboy” Heald recently went to Iraq to build some ramps and do some demos with a bunch of bike riders. Focus Magazine was stoked about the trip, so they had Jud write in a Guest Editor for last months issue. Make sure you read up about his trip.

Jud Iraq Article

More Photos…..

Thanks a lot to Caitlin Durbin for blessing us with these shot’s of the contest. Now you can actually see some of the tricks that were done.

Untitled Skateboards Competition

We had our first annual skate competition this last Saturday, April 10th, and it was a blast!! We had a lot of guys show up from Kansas City who tore it up, but none of them ended up going home with first place under their belts. Local skater Jason Bontrager took first in the street competition with 5050 up the hubba, and back smith kickflip as only a few of his tricks done. And he also won best trick on the mini ramp with a peter blunt kickflip. Congratulations Jason!! Jud was able to speak to everyone before the awards ceremony about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and gave a time of invitation. Ten people came forward, praise the Lord!!

Special thanks to DJ Tiberias for keeping this contest rockin’, and everyone one else that helped out so much with this event.