– We are proud to introduce our first Untitled Skateboards devotional. It is a 30 day devotional designed to help skaters and youth understand some basic biblical principles, and be walked through what it means to give their life to Christ. Each devotion has scripture and is written by one of the skaters on the team. The devotional is also filled with skate photos from Untitled’s amateur and pro skaters.

– We are also involved with Death 2 Life Revolution. D2L is a website designed for teens, its purpose is to help them get follow up and be discipled.

“The Death 2 Life Revolution is called to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ and to train, disciple and empower a generation to die to self and live a radical life that will create a worldwide revolution for Jesus Christ.”

It is filled with web videos from Pro-skaters, Pro-bikers, Athletes, and Musicians who explain what it means to truly be a Christian and what the gospel really is. Teens can learn what it means to be a follower of Christ from the skaters bikers and other athletes they look up to. It is also a place where teens can ask questions and read blogs and find out anything they need to know about christ.

Check it out