“Just wanted to pass on our thanks for the referral and booking of Untitled Skateboards.  Tom, AJ, and Brett were fantastic with our kids and staff.  They genuinely treated their time with us as a ministry, giving themselves to the campus community and our visitors outside the allotted time of the skate demos and scheduled ministry time.

Please note that we were extremely pleased with the guys performance and ministry, and would highly recommend them to any church, school, or para-church organization that wants to book Untitled with confidence they will support the Kingdom objectives of their own event.” -Norm Slosted of Fort Bend Baptist Academy


“ The untitled team has brought the good news to people and places that couldn’t otherwise be reached. We admire them tremendously and are proud to partner with them. They deserve your prayers and financial support.” – Kevin Palau of Luis Palau Evangelist Association


– “Hi, I was at a demo/outreach you did in Maine this year, and it was the first time I had ever seen one.  I was really blessed and encouraged by your mission and message, and to see all those people turn to the Lord was awesome.  After watching your dedication to communicating the gospel in your way, I was inspired and painted something.  I hope you like it.  It has given me an opportunity to tell people about what you do and to share the same message with others.  Thanks again for all you do.” -Lisa Riccardi

Untitled Painting


“Hey Untitled Skateboards, I just met some of your team at Woodward week 7 this summer and I have been so hyped on you guys since. I met Mikey and Tom and they told me what you guys were doing and it really has changed my life so far. I am trying to be a better person everyday and I have started reading the bible and praying every night. I try not to get angry at things and forgive people easier. I also am hoping to learn more about the bible and I want to do what you guys do and use skateboarding as a tool to preach the gospel.” – Chris Carr