Jud and Shaun Rip a fun park in the UK. Where is the farthest place you’ve skated from your hometown?

Shaun Hover’s Chinese Secrets of the legendary Switch Heelflip

When you apply Shaun’s tips, post your links to footage of your higher switch heels in the comments on here or our Facebook YouTube Preview Image

MARTYRS WORLDWIDE EDIT (Calling All Skaters with Shaun Hover)

The Calling All Skaters gang has travelled the globe loving strangers and preaching the danger of sin and hope of Christ. WARNING: THIS EDIT IS AS HEAVY AS THE SOUNDTRACK. GNARLY TRICKS AND TRUTHS. YOU MIGHT WANT TO SIT DOWN. YouTube Preview Image LYRICS to this song tell the story of many people who were so committed to Jesus that they spilt their blood to make Him known. [ The Time: 20th Century The Place: China The Martyr: A young girl “Yeah they went ahead of us, now the path is straight And died so that we could have life past the grave” -Da T.R.U.T.H from "Our World from The Faith"  Verse 1-(Json) We would gather so Pastor could season us Christians We were pleased just to hear the reading of Scripture Because here in Asia, we can’t worship like the States Because servants of grace might be murdered for their faith So we give Christ the praises secretly, we ain’t treated equally Even on today our bible study’s held illegally As Pastor opened to read from the first sentence Communist soldiers kicked the door straight off the hinges I knew this could happen for accepting His precious gift They threaten to kill us with guns clutched within their fist I’m shaken and scared even though Jesus is my everything I don’t know if I’m prepared to die at the age of seventeen The leading official turned to my pastor and looked Put a gun to his face and told him “Hand over the book!” He reluctantly handed over the text that he so adored They laughed as he grabbed it and it was smashed to the floor I was truly grieved as I looked in his eyes He said, “Any of you can leave if you spit on this book of lies!” A man walked up, cried as he fell to the floor “Father forgive me”- “Leave! Now you can go!” I trembled with fear my mind started to think about death Hair leaking with sweat I thought my heart would beat through my chest A woman that walked up next spit on the Bible and left The official shot in the air of the air continued yelling out threats I was tempted to do it- I just wanted to leave The moment I thought this, I felt overwhelmingly grieved I gritted my teeth, tears began to stream down my face I needed some faith I just started to think on His grace In my head I said “forget it” as I walked toward the text Kneeled to the floor, wiped the spit off the Bible with my dress To live is Christ, to die is gain ain’t a popular song I said, “Father forgive them as I was shot in the dome (Evangel) The Time: 1536 The Place: Outside of Brussels The Martyr: William I refuse to look to John Huss whose goose was cooked Lord, I wanna put your truth in books Now concerning my faith no turning away I know eternity awaits even if I’m burned at the stake Like avoiding their attacks of me would profit me Great Whore that could be properly the papacy and prophecy They say the Pope’s the holiest Only if these people could see its phoniness and Scripturally erroneous The Pope of men fail to respect- they wanna seek death of William Tyndale so then I inhale a deep breath Two doors- my hands push As I stride inside I was grabbed by men hiding- it’s an ambush! I was sabotaged- he was disguised and camouflaged As a friend of me- I didn’t know he was the enemy Now through discerning, I see this group is yearning With ill will to kill bill like Uma Thurman It’s a chaotic frenzy as they plot against me Hey if God defends me or ends me- He’ll soon determine Now I plead for these people (forgive ‘em!) they grieve Your cathedral I don’t wanna repay evil for evil When I’m weak I’m made strong- got my brave face on We’re sheep for the slaughter being killed all the day long I’ll never be a man-pleaser No matter how tight the grip of the hand squeezer I can’t breathe- I’ll stand with Jesus Even if plans are grievous as they try to put me to sleep like anesthesia Now I’m gagging and gasping- I’m sold out for You No doubt this noose won’t choke out the truth And leave a lasting legacy- cats who would never read your Word after the death of me cats can cleverly get pass the heresy and grab for this weaponry Your sword- now Lord I pass to the heavenlies (God’s Servant) The Time: Approximately 100 A.D. The Place: Rome The Martyr: Anonymous My wrists bleed from the shackles, as I get dragged in the gravel My ribs hurt, was arrested and tackled. Snatched up, I was preaching, pulled in a packed road beat for the God that I stand for A young man, I’m a Roman, version of Daniel But yo I got to be an example Seized by decree of the emperor’s panel to kill Christians in all of the land so Yo now they got me, tied up, tugged, getting trampled Hauled to my death while they chant yo “NO GOSPEL, CHRIST IS A SCANDAL!” The mob screams as I’m violently handled But I am a sample of grace that is ample to save though the pain isn’t cancelled Strained as I’m maimed by the rage of the grapple Each swing hurting me, more than the last blow Kicked by their sandals, struck by their rods Cracked from the whips in the hands of the guards Mocked by the people they bask in their evil Storing up wrath in the path of my God! But AH! “What a relief it is to be in Jesus!” Even beaten if Christ is the reason Pulled to the center of Rome- a crowd’s meeting They chant for my death and indict me with treason I get tied to a pole by a soldier, shaped like an ogre Rope ‘round my legs and rope ‘round my shoulders He signals his boys and he yells out, “Yo ya’ll bring the torch over!” So now I’m facing the blaze, facing the pain By grace putting faith in His name He says, “Last call for a recant”, I say “we can’t!” So he ignites me in flames (shai) The Time: Approximately 62 A.D. The Place: Jerusalem The Martyr: James, the brother of Jesus Sovereign Lord, You’re so holy, you know me I’m nothing but dust and I trust in You only I see the faces in the crowd below me I’m standing on the rooftop of the temple and they’re about to throw me Off because I’ve been causing a major fuss They call me James the Just- Jesus the name I trust In the days of His flesh, He was my brother in the physical I thought that He was crazy- enough that I would ridicule But since His resurrection, I see He meticulously rules And next to His perfections, I’m ridiculously minuscule Astounding, I’m taking a pounding and bruised for Him I look around and see the mountains surrounding Jerusalem Suddenly I get calm Reminded of God’s promise in verse 2 of the 125th Psalm I hear their obscene chatter- for me no tears or screams scattered Or fears of getting my spleen splattered Christ is supreme, so extreme is the theme of His redeemed team My no means is my dream shattered Embracing what is after as I’m facing this disaster I have to because no slave is greater than his master They told me (to) deny Jesus and not be an Apostle My response- “Repent and believe in the gospel!” They threw me off the roof for that last phrase spoken I hit the ground alive with both of my legs broken They’re acting so wickedly with no sympathy My blood flowed vividly, I felt stones hitting me Yo, inwardly Jesus gave me peace like Steve and them I reached up to heaven and began to intercede for them “Father forgive them, though their sin’s great and enormous” One of their own said, “Brothers, wait! He’s praying for us” One cat had so much hate in his heart for Jesus His blunt instrument crushed my skull into pieces (Techniq) The Time: Modern Day The Place: The Streets of New York The Martyr: A street evangelist In the beginning, before throw backs and fitteds I grew up in a world where no truth was in it No hopes, no dreams, no future in it Only crack heads with some state troopers in it I grew up with a mother, brother, sister- no pops Fam that’s locked up, DTs and crooked cops Dope dealers and thugs on street corners and blocks Dudes that push weight, catch seals and get knocked That was my life before I married the Christ So now I rep hard on the block the day and the night 2 A.M. in the morning, it’s my third week in So far seventeen souls walked away from their sins It’s a struggle on the block in the heart of the pits Where the fiends look like zombies as they search for a fix Fourteen, across the street, and she’s licking her lips Asking Poppy for a date while she’s grinding her hips I can’t believe what I’m seeing but thank God for the mission Because He touches hearts and opens up the mind for the vision And people saying I should make the right decision Because the Devil’s steady lurking but I’m moving with precision I can’t be scared- I’m a soldier for the kingdom Armored up and I gotta rep hard ‘til I meet Him And tell the world that it’s crucial they receive Him Because He’s coming back- nobody knows the A.M. or the P.M. And on the block I could see it was beef The Spirit told me they was coming I refused to retreat The leader stepped to my face saying he was the man and ain’t no God in earth or heaven gonna ruin his plan I looked him in the eyes and told him this ain’t have to be the end The Lord loved him irregardless as to what he done or did Satan filled his heart so he ain’t really care what I said Cocked back the nine and bust three shots to my head ]

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