Calling All Skaters LA Thrash

It’s not to late to apply for Calling All Skaters LA Thrash. It starts in a couple weeks though, so make sure to fill out an application soon at It is for High School skaters and it’s only $495 which covers everything except your way of getting there. Hurry up!!

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Mike Steinkamp – Create Spots

Mike Steinkamp skating and sharing how God made us for amazing things through Him.

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Memory Game

Dave Nelson found this old memory game that was posted to our old website. Give it a try!!

New Colorways!!

Uriel Luebcke – Stand Strong

Uriel took a quick break from skating his ramp to share this word….I STAND STRONG IN A BABYLON!!

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Mike Steinkamp – 2013

Mike Steinkamp has been working hard at filming and editing a video part and we have been eagerly awaiting its release. Mike has such a unique and stylish skateboarding talent and it never gets old to see him in action. Today is the day that we are all able to watch and enjoy this amazing part that he has put together.

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Mikey Santillan

If you haven’t seen this short part of Mikey Santillan, you have been missing out!! He filmed this in a couple days at the Penn Valley Skatepark.

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Brett Weber – Focus Ad

The latest ad from Brett Weber in Focus Magazine

Uriel Luebcke – Focus Ad

The latest ad from Uriel Luebcke in Focus Magazine

Mike Steinkamp – Rebel

Mike Steinkamp sharing about the rebelliousness of skateboarding being similar to the rebelliousness needed to follow Christ.

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