Insta Contest Round 2 Hover Sw Heel Tricktip

Untitled Skateboards NC TOUR!

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Untitled Tricktip Contest Round 1 NOSEBLUNTS

Untitled Tricktip Contest Round 1
Lets see your video of a progressive variation of a Noseblunt stall or slide. Jud Heald ‘s tricktip ( can help you learn the basic trick, and we want to see how far you can take them! CONTEST DEADLINE: September 1, 2015. (Two weeks from original start of contest) Add Us on Facebook and ‪#‎Untitledskateboardscontest‬ so we can judge and select our winner! 1st place gets an UNTITLED pro deck, sticker pack and Come&Die DVD!Untitledskatecontest 1

CAS (Calling All Skaters) Vid

If you don’t know about ‪#‎callingallskaters‬ you may be missing your calling, so click HERE and get to know a little bit more about what @Shaun Hover is up to and to hear from others who have gotten involved. Super Sick! calling all skaters

Max Catasus Open Minded Part

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Uriel Luebcke shredding his Skatuary Park and giving you something to meditate on.

We think it’s a make!

The Berrics posted Shaun Hover‘s ender from his Untitled Going Pro Part

They asked the question, “is it a make?” We say “YES!”, how bout you!? CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO —>

Mike Steinkamp FOCUS Edit


Jud and Shaun Rip a fun park in the UK. Where is the farthest place you’ve skated from your hometown?

Shaun Hover’s Chinese Secrets of the legendary Switch Heelflip

When you apply Shaun’s tips, post your links to footage of your higher switch heels in the comments on here or our Facebook YouTube Preview Image